The return of Daniel Cummings

My brother Daniel, an ER doctor in Delaware, arrived in Japan last night, here to serve in the relief efforts for a week. Myself (Luke Cummings) Daniel and another nurse (Yoko san) from Texas traveled up to Ishinomaki today to see what type of help they could provide medically to the large number of people still displaced from their homes.

We got a lead from a doctor friend in Sendai who said the red cross up in Ishinomaki was looking for volunteers so we decided to hit up the Red Cross hospital to follow up on that lead. The General Manager of the red cross hospital was super hospitable to us and offered to plug Daniel and Yoko san into the Watanoha Elementary School, one of the shelters where the red cross plans to open up a clinic tomorrow, offering free medical help to anyone who comes. The red cross also found a place in town for Daniel and Yoko san to spend the night for as long as they are in town, so they will be based in Ishinomaki for at least a few days if all goes well at the shelter tomorrow.

Here are some pictures of Daniel, Yoko san, the red cross crew, as well as some of an area in Ishinomaki right by the bay which got hit really hard by the tsunami. This area is going to take a long time before its cleaned up…


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