Reflections: Ai’s Story

Ai’s story

This disaster reminds me of 9.11 back in 2001 in a way that it’s like we are watching a hollywood movie…we couldn’t process what was actually happening. It was surreal to experience the earthquake. Watching the news and seeing cars carried away by the tsunami did not look real.

I was able to go up north with our friend, Kosaka, last weekend. I had seen how badly it was damaged on the news and in newspapers, but seeing the area with my own eyes and being there was nothing like it. I was speechless. It was like somebody played a really bad prank; cars hanging from windows of supermarkets, a house sitting on a bridge, fish scattered on streets, etc…

We brought a2 ton truck full of food and cloths to a community center in Ishinomaki city, one of the hardest hit areas. When we got there and started bringing stuff in, I learned something about myself. Until I came to Ishinomaki, I had this self-satisfactory feeling that said, “I am saving these people, I am providing stuff for these people, I am doing something great!!” But when I saw these people at the shelter helping each other, being thankful with what they’ve got after losing literally everything, God really broke my heart and humbled me. I was convinced that I am powerless and there is nothing I can do with my own strength. I felt very small. People there were way stronger and tougher than I was. All I knew was that God loved these people and cared about them so much.

Evacuees I met were very cheerful, thankful, and so grateful. They seemed way more cheerful than people on the train in Tokyo. I am excited to see what God will show not just to evacuees but also to volunteers going into the Tohoku area. He certainly taught me so many things to me during my day and a half trip. Please pray that everyone there will be able to see God’s light amidst the chaotic darkness.


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One Response to Reflections: Ai’s Story

  1. LoAnne says:

    Thank you, Ai Chan! What a moving story. We do have so much to learn from these wonderful people. And I want to continue to do whatever I can to help.

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